Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Buried Life Project

Authors Note

I really enjoyed making my buried life project and love how easy and fun using a device like animoto, although I will admit it there were some stressful parts to it. The hardest part was going threw my list and being able to find original pictures for the list items, I found by the time I got into my later number of things for my video I was no longer going threw my list and finding pictures to match them, but I was going threw my photos on different social sites like Instagram and Facebook and thinking of how I could incorporate them into my buried life video. That wasn’t too bad I was able to find decent photos and I was able to think of text to add to them to help round out my 25 for my video I only needed about 6-7 extra ones to finish off my 25 for the video anyways. Another thing I struggled with a tad was choosing the music for my video I went threw my whole library of music and narrowed it down to a couple songs but at the end I thought Alright- Darius Rucker was the best song as the whole song is about not needing a ton in life but loving what you do have which I feel is a way everyone should feel about life. Besides those two things that slowed my progress down a bit I really liked this project and it was probably my favourite project of the semester. Hope you enjoyed my video.

Now What??

You’re probably all asking yourself “Hey Colby what’s next for you now? How are you going to accomplish all of these goals?” and the truth is I have no idea. It’s going to take a ton of work to finish all my bucket list items but one I really want to accomplish would have to be sending my grandpa on a trip where ever he wants with who ever he wants to go with. This is a big goal for me because my grandpa has done so much for me and has always been there for me through all the tough times life has thrown at me. He really just deserves to be able to kick it somewhere beautiful for a bit. Completing this goal would also mean that I would have to have a pretty good job which everyone wants in life and that I would be somewhat repaying my grandpa for all he has done for me. I picked this one as my now what goal because it covers a few different items on my list.  

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