Monday, 2 December 2013

Practicing Dialogue and Non-Verbal Body Language

" Eh yo, lets go take the most swagged out selfie the selfie world has ever seen. " Said Marcel.

" No doubt, let me just get my stupid school uniform off first " John said rolling his eyes.

" Ohhh dats right won't be very swagy with my school uniform on! " Marcel replied.

" Think mom still has all those washable tattoo's ? That would be bad ass. " John whispered and added a smirk.

" That would be bad ass! we may finally get 11 likes yo!! " He said.

" Ok lets take this " John said.

" Yo Marcel that ain't your swag face " John said.

" Oh shit that's right, thanks John " Marcel said and his face went red as if he was embarrassed.

" Lets touch peace signs so people know we bro's " Marcel said.

" Yo 3,2,1 swag !" They Both shouted out.

 Non-Verbal Body Language

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