Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite - Ducks Happy Ending

It was a nice summer day and ducky the duck decided to take her little ducklings out for a walk around the beautiful city of Brooklyn. but the one thing that no one knew about ducky the duck is she would tourture all the baby ducks, except for the one duck, her favourite of them all Martin Luther Quack. the other ducks knew they had to make their escapce and go on to live their own normal lives so when they were walking over the sewer the sneaky and very intellegent brother Mikey noticed that there was an exaust pipe from a car right above the sewer and that they could pretend as though they had fallen into the sewer and quickly jump up into the exhuast pipe of the car, so Mikey told his brothers and sisters quickly and they acted on their plan! It ended up working!! Mikey and all of his brothers and sister were able to go on living there own live becoming writers, constuction managers and stay at home moms. ducky the duck later killed Martin Luther Quack in anger of her ducklings leaving and then the ducky cops came and arrested her ducky the duck is still in quack prision to this day.

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