Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Reading Survey

How have your experiences in elementary, middle and high school affected your views on reading? / Besides books, what other types of material do you read? Why do you enjoy these?

            When I was younger I used to hate every type of reading, and this hatred of reading carried on for quite some time and still somewhat exists when it comes to books anyway. I know for a fact that my hate for books and novels came from my elementary school days, where they would give you a random book and make you take it home and read it. With teachers doing that it lead to me just taking my book to my room and gave me the great habit fake reading which I have to admit I still do today. I found that after elementary school going to middle school I hated reading and I would never pick up a book or read in general but now being in high school I have learned to like reading understanding that it comes in lots of different ways, the reason I feel my feeling towards reading has changed is because of social media and all the different apps on my Iphone. I can’t say I hate reading now because I spend the majority of my day doing it now on my phone I stay update on my favourite sports teams, music, my idols, and everything that is going on around the world. From all these things I probably end up reading about eight different articles a day which is a lot of reading and I have even brought up how much time I spend reading on social media sites like twitter and facebook. So at the end of the day although I'm not reading books I still spend a huge chunk of my day reading.

As a reader, how have you grown/changed since I last taught you?

            As a reader I feel I have changed since you last taught me because I understand that I do like reading now, when I was in your class before as a grade ten student I was still wasn’t a huge fan of reading, but I’m really just not a fan of long novels. A long novel has to be very good and able to really draw me to keep me interested and reading and I have only really had one book that I can think about that has really done that for me before. Now back in your class for my senior year I realize that reading is about way more than just books or novels that is what it used to be, but now there are so many different forms I spend so much time reading and now have a greater appreciation for it.

Q And A !

Do you have a smart phone with internet access? Tell me about it.

Yes I do have a smart phone and it is a huge part of my life as I spend way more time then I probably should on it …                                         

Do you have an e-reader (Kindle, Kobo) or any other device you can e-read on? Tell me about it.

            No I don’t, and I really don’t want one because it would be a big waste of money for me. (It would not get used)

Do you have a Titter feed? Tell me about it.

            Yes I have a twitter feed, not really much to say about it besides that’s where the geniuses thoughts come out and where I share things that appeal to me. @KissColby .. you know what to do

Do you have a blog? Tell me about it

            I do now, let the fun begin. 

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